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Moutai (the liquor, not the coin), is China’s most successful liquor company, with US$20bn of annual revenue and a market cap larger than Coca Cola. Moutai is an ultra-premium brand, an LV or Hermes of China, is known as Liquid Gold and has been bridging East and West since the days of Nixon, Kissinger and Ping Pong Diplomacy. Kissinger is known for his famous quote to Deng Xiaoping in 1974 – “I think if we drink enough MOUTAI, we can solve anything”.

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The REAL Chinese petroleum. Literally flammable.

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Decades of getting people wasted.

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Annual revenue

Insane numbers. This is the liquor of Solana.

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Get drunk and ape.


MOUTAI is no ordinary meme coin.

It is a movement of a community of fans of Moutai who have a mission of bridging East to West and West to East. There is no central team – only community leaders who live and breathe the Kissinger ethos of “I think if we drink enough MOUTAI, we can solve anything”.

MOUTAI launch was fair, with no airdrops (other than 1% of supply being dropped to the wallet of Bobby Apelrod an hour after he (after a few too many shots of Liquid Gold) posted that a Moutai coin should be created). 

Early snipers have to the large part exited (but of course no coin is perfect), liquidity is strong and transparency is foremount.

Ninja Protocol is a key supporter and has prepared transparency reports on the holders of MOUTAI.

See below for the latest transparency reports prepared by Ninja Protocol.


It is an open secret in Chinese Web3 circles that the largest holders of Shiba Inu made a “gentlemans” agreement not to sell Shiba Inu until it got listed on Binance.

Unlike Shiba Inu, $MOUTAI is built on Solana – which enables on-chain incentivisation and a cleaner way to encourage long-term EQ heavy thinking by large holders.

MOUTAI FUND incentivises in a trustless manner large holders of MOUTAI to act in the best interests of the Solana ecosystem, retail in East and West and the MOUTAI community by locking up their supply.

A percentage of distributions from the MOUTAI FUND will be allocated to the MOUTAI DAO for the betterment of the MOUTAI community, the wider Solana ecosystem, spreading Moutai culture and bridging East and West.

MOUTAI FUND is here to stay – and intends to be a long-term partner to the Solana ecosystem in its mission to onboard Asian retail.


MOUTAI DAO is a special movement within the MOUTAI community.

Seeded with 0.25% of supply by a benevolent whale, and organised transparently and trustlessly through Realms, the MOUTAI DAO will work for the betterment of the MOUTAI community (through marketing and other related initiatives).

Any major initiative of MOUTAI will be decided by a vote of the MOUTAI DAO. Benevolent whales in the MOUTAI community have agreed to donate at least 0.25% supply of MOUTAI to the MOUTAI DAO at US$10m, US$100m and US$1bn market cap thresholds.


The first major initiative of MOUTAI is the 2024 MOUTAI Spring Festival Gala – 2024茅台 春晚. The key mission of this event is to celebrate Moutai culture and enhance East-West relations via Web3. Inspired by the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, the initiative aims to mirror its cultural significance (and importance to Chinese people globally which is difficult to describe), akin to the Super Bowl being held on Christmas Eve in the West. Working together on a similar mission to Solana Foundation in China, the goal is to introduce Chinese retail to Solana and Web3, fostering cultural and technological exchanges in today’s complex geopolitical climate. 


SOLANA's Liquor of Choice

Liquid Gold.

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